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Who are LA Direct Solutions? - LADS

Who are LA Direct Solutions?

We’re the IT trade and channel arm of LA Micro Group, one of the UK’s fastest-growing independent IT sourcing and support providers, operating worldwide.

Over the years, we’ve built relationships with some of the world’s biggest and best IT service resellers, establishing a strong reputation as one of the UK’s leading partners. 

Since our organisation has flourished, we’ve acquired a 20,000 sq. ft office/warehouse facility based in the UK – giving us the ability to stock an extensive amount of hardware, ready to be shipped. And since we’ve been thriving in the IT channel, we’ve bought in $50m of revenue per year. 

The center of our business...

Whilst being experts in sourcing and supplying IT hardware, we thrive in providing refurbished solutions to our customers. You’ll find our refurbished IT hardware is just as powerful and reliable as brand-new hardware and costs significantly less than brand-new. 

Not only is refurbished IT hardware more cost-efficient, but it’s better for the environment too. Sustainability is at the heart of our business, and we want it to be at the core of yours too.  

However, we also understand that you may want brand-new hardware, so of course, we’re able to supply that too. 

Our product portfolio includes; servers, workstations, storage, and parts and upgrades like GPUs, CPUs and RAM. 

So, why choose us?

We put our customers first and focus on building great relationships whilst globally delivering real value and carefully designed IT solutions. 

We know some of you may be concerned that refurbished items may not be as reliable and powerful as brand-new hardware, but you can rest assured that all our products are rigorously tested by our experts and come with up to 5-year warranty. And to help take both our and your sustainability step further, you can sell any unwanted IT hardware to us, rather than throwing it away and increasing landfill e-waste.

Additionally, as we have $60M+ worth of inventory, we’re often able to ensure shipment within 24 hours. And our couriers can provide next day or even same day service, where available. 

We also have different purchasing options available where you can choose to buy outright or rent. And if you receive a quote from one of our competitors but are not confident in their service, we’ll match or beat their price, guaranteed. 

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